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AUTARCH – The Light Escaping

AUTARCH « the light escaping » LP (european press) – Out now !!!6 songs of sci-fi influenced emotive, melodic crust with themes of loss, resilience, and defiance in the face of ascendant fascism. Any digital downloads benefit will go to the current movement for black lives in US to bail funds in North Carolina state for attested […]

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Terra Mater – Holocene Extinction LP

Order here ! Terra Mater from australia is playing an unrelenting, down-tuned, strings-driven melodic d-beat hardcore with a neo crust-edge and outstanding brutal female and male dual vocals. Extremely powerful lyrics, artwork and presentation. Taking right where SCHIFOSI, EKKAIA, ASHKARA, MADAME GERMEN… left off. This release is very dark, heavy and melody driven. Artwork by […]

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